"Stefan completely revolutionised my teaching of writing - not an understatement!"
Sarah, Deputy Head & Literacy Leader, Leeds

"I believe I have seen a genuine correlation between children involved in the ARTiculate workshops and target children making Age Related Expectation (ARE)...Every child benefited with progress, clearly evident in their school books."
Simon, Y4 Teacher, Leeds

"Very inspirational and creative - lots of new ideas to improve writing and unlock children's imaginations."
Nadia, Year 4 teacher

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

NEW WORKSHOP LAUNCH - Chromatography - Science and Art series

ARTiculate is launching an exciting new range of workshops linking artistic creativity with scientific experimentation. The first workshop explores how the principles of chromatography work and how they can be used to create stunning artwork!

What is included?
-5 focus sessions with a group of 6-8 children.
-2 sessions with the whole class.
-Delivered by an experienced, qualified primary school teacher.
- All materials provided by ARTiculate.

For more information, click this link or contact me here.