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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

George Lucas talks on the need to teach 'communication'.

George Lucas (yes mom, the guy who directed Star Wars) talks here about how the school system in America is obsessed with teaching the 'grammar' of communication and how the arts, drama, cinema and music are labelled as 'creative fun'. He's spot on.

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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

ARTiculate Bulletin wc 12.10.15 Have you tried Shakespeare's Macbeth by Leon Garfield

Inspired by a visit to the cinema, this week's bulletin features creative ideas for Shakespeare's epic Macbeth by Leon Garfield. This is taken from a collection called Shakespeare Stories and is a book I remember knocking around our house when I was a little boy! It's brilliant though and easily my favourite retelling of the classic plays.

If you try any of the ideas I'd love to see the work your children produce.

'Have You Tried?' ideas sheet for Macbeth can be found here

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Macbeth by Leon Garfield
This superb edition by Leon Garfield preserves the bard’s original language in a beautiful, accessible retelling of this gripping classic. Magic, jealousy and murder are at the heart of this tale charting the bloody rise and fall of Scottish soldier-king Macbeth. A few gruesome bits, but ideal for young readers to get their teeth into. 

In brief: Have you tried? 
Ideas for talking and thinking: Is it ever acceptable to kill? Discuss this juicy conundrum and debate the crimes of Macbeth.

Ideas for writing: Bring the climatic Macbeth's sword fight with Macduff to life and even add a bit of Star Wars to give it an edge.

Ideas for art: Gloomy watercolour landscapes under grey skies and milky moonlight. Spooky 
artwork captures the mood. See my Pinterest board here for more ideas.  
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