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First workshop starts - Leeds

Our first workshop started yesterday with children from a Year 4 class from an inner-city primary school in Leeds. The ' On the Outside ' workshop is a six week masterclass in developing creativity through art and writing and is built around The Island a captivating picture book by Armin Greder. The children loved it and reflected that they had learned lots of new things in such a short space of time. Roll on next week! Follow the 'WORKSHOPS' tab to find details of this session.

New Gifted and Talented masterclass

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new workshop aimed at inspiring GIFTED and TALENTED children to independent and challenging collaborative work. The 6 part workshop called 'Through the Magic Mirror'  is built around the fantastic book of the same name by Anthony Browne. With it's deceptively simple story and the surreal illustrations, this is the ideal starting point to get talented children thinking. Created specifically for Gifted and Talented groups, this masterclass is designed to encourage: Imaginative discussion.  Collaboration and independent project work. Creative writing and the skills needed for high quality art. Freedom to think differently. In this workshop, children will: Write, edit and present a piece of structured writing. Create pieces of high quality art work. Explore creative processes of authors, artists and illustrators. Develop confidence, interpersonal skills and enjoy themselves. For more information or to boo
Gallery now updated...! Click on the tab above to see some of the amazing work done using the ARTiculate way!

Articulate education - launches SEPTEMBER 2014!

Want to open young minds to creative thinking? How about creative 'doing'? Even better, what about creative 'being'!?  Asking learners to be creative is one thing, but teaching them to think, act and be creative is quite another.  The ARTiculate project draws together literature, drama and the arts to show children that the creative processes behind writing, being artistic and performing are very similar. Once learned they can show a learner how to dance the steps of creativity, unlocking their potential and removing barriers of fear and lack of confidence.   Take a look around this blog to see how ARTiculate can help your child, class or school do just that!