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PhD reading: popular-culture in children's writing, agentive learning and going bonkers to Pee-wee Herman

A bit of a backlog of reading to summarise, but here I will look at the following..... From Superman to singing the blues: on the trail of child writing and popular culture by Anne Haas Dyson (2018) This isn’t my real writing: the fate of children’s agency in a too-tight curriculum by Anne Haas Dyson (2020) Going bonkers! by Henry Jenkins (1988) A summary in ten words: The agency of children determines the agency of children. Word of the week: agentive Fretting hours to working hours ratio: 2:1 One of the aspects of writing I am most interested in is composition. When I was a primary school teacher, I didn’t fully appreciate the difference between writing a story, say, and composing a text.   The latter being much more closely aligned with children’s identities than acquiring the technical skills of writing. Part of my thinking work on my PhD is about unpicking this concept in both digital and material contexts and, in doing so, considering the relationship between comp