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NEW WORKSHOP LAUNCH - Chromatography - Science and Art series

ARTiculate is launching an exciting new range of workshops linking artistic creativity with scientific experimentation. The first workshop explores how the principles of chromatography work and how they can be used to create stunning artwork! What is included? -5 focus sessions with a group of 6-8 children. -2 sessions with the whole class. -Delivered by an experienced, qualified primary school teacher. - All materials provided by ARTiculate. For more information, click this link or contact me here .  

Lecture on outdoor learning and Forest School in Early Years, Leeds Trinity University

A fun, enjoyable session with Level 5 students at Leeds Trinity University this morning exploring the theory and practice of outdoor learning and Forest School. The session explored the Scandinavian origins of Forest School and how it is applied to the UK. It was very positive that so many students recognised that the outdoor space is an excellent resource that can be used to enhance the learning of children. Outdoor learning brings confidence and independence to children of all ages allowing them the freedom to allow their imaginations to flourish! Thank you for all you hard work! The students had plenty of positive feedback! "Two fantastic [ARTiculate] lectures attended and loved them." Emma, student at Leeds Trinity University "[I was inspired to] let children explore the outdoor environment freely." Saphron, student at Leeds Trinity University "It gave me a better understanding of how to work with children outdoors." Rezwan