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Teacher Training @ Leeds Lantern Trust

Creative Literacy Workshop: The DIY Writer Friday 13 th February 2015 A satisfying and engaging morning with teachers from local primary schools talking through the processes that support children’s development in writing. The group got to grips with talk as a basis for writing, explored their artistic response to a book and saw how model texts can help children shape their own compositions. Thank you to all who took part for your enthusiasm, positive child-centred attitude and for making it such a fun morning! I am delighted the staff found it useful and gave some great feedback: “[The session gave me] lots of ideas I can take home and implement next term.” Michelle, Teacher “I will be changing my practise so the provision for children is better.” Bryan, Teacher “Lots of ideas about how to use picture books and ways of breaking down modeled writing.” Calum, Teacher Y3 “Inspiring ideas.” Ali, Teaching Assistant “Very inspirational

Creative literacy workshop a success!

Hip hip hooray! The latest ARTiculate workshop running in school was a resounding success. The six Year 4 children made leaps and bounds forward in not only their creative techniques but also their attitude to writing. It was a pleasure to watch them explore deeper and deeper the mysterious island in Armin Greder's fantastic short story. They became absorbed in the roles of the islanders and the man, exploring their motivations, hopes and their fears. All children made at least one sub-level progress during the workshop. One incredible girl (EAL, BME) made TWO sub-levels progress, from a 2C to a 2A in this time. An incredible achievement! The outcome The children produced a fantastic piece of writing. Going through the creative processes, they: developed vocabulary banks orally rehearsed their ideas wrote an initial draft of their piece  reshaped and edited their work evaluated it against level-appropriate checklists wrote their writing for presentation Exploring a