"Stefan completely revolutionised my teaching of writing - not an understatement!"
Sarah, Deputy Head & Literacy Leader, Leeds

"I believe I have seen a genuine correlation between children involved in the ARTiculate workshops and target children making Age Related Expectation (ARE)...Every child benefited with progress, clearly evident in their school books."
Simon, Y4 Teacher, Leeds

"Very inspirational and creative - lots of new ideas to improve writing and unlock children's imaginations."
Nadia, Year 4 teacher

Contact me

Hi! My name is Stefan Kucharczyk and I am a primary school teacher and teaching consultant based in Leeds, UK. I lecture at Leeds Trinity University and I write books about developing writing in schools.
I design and teach creative literacy workshops for children in primary schools with an emphasis on drama, art and film as a way to help children fulfill their creative potential.

Teachers love the work I do: one head teacher in the UK described it as "the future" for teaching literacy in schools. This could be your school!

To book a workshop or to find out more about what I could do for the children you teach, then email me at articulateeducation@gmail.com or contact me in one of the ways below!