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Sarah, Deputy Head & Literacy Leader, Leeds

"I believe I have seen a genuine correlation between children involved in the ARTiculate workshops and target children making Age Related Expectation (ARE)...Every child benefited with progress, clearly evident in their school books."
Simon, Y4 Teacher, Leeds

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Nadia, Year 4 teacher

Friday, 12 June 2015

Colour and mood - Writing and art workshop week 2

An artist creates emotion and atmosphere by using the right colours.

Week 2
Pastel seascapes.

Continuing from our experimentation with colour in last week's workshop, this time the children were challenged to create the right atmosphere with a stormy seascape.

We agreed on a colour palette (from a paint chart), choosing colours to give the viewer feelings of cold, power, mystery and danger.

These pastel seascapes were inspired by Armin Greder's illustrations. The children showed real mastery of pastels and chalks to create these brooding, vivid images, blending layers of colours to add depth. They are the perfect backdrop for our writing work next week.

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